Size & energy

Size & energy

Age and health are, of course, very important when choosing the right diet for your dog. CaroCroc also considers the energy needs of your dog and the size of the breed. Diet should be perfectly matched to your dog’s particular traits.

In addition to age, health and energy level, your dog’s diet will also depend upon its final adult weight. CaroCroc dog food takes all breeds into account. Hence, breed size also appears on the front of each CaroCroc package. Using the icons below, you can easily see whether the food is suitable for small (adult weight < 15 kg), medium (adult weight 15-30 kg) or large breeds (adult weight > 30 kg). 

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Small, Medium or Large Breed?

Small breeds mature earlier than large breeds, and live longer on average. As they get older, they develop signs of aging. CaroCroc Small Breed is optimally tailored to the needs of small breed adult dogs.

Large breed dogs are prone to gastric torsion. This means that from birth, the nutritional needs of large breed puppies are already different from those of small breeds. Dietary fine-tuning is therefore important for your dog’s well-being. For larger breeds, it is often wise to start with CaroCroc Puppy Large right away and later switch to CaroCroc Large Breed.

Choose the most suitable diet for your dog and learn more about each type on the following product pages:

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Low or High Energy?

Your dog’s energy requirements depend on the amount of exercise it gets. A very active dog has higher energy needs than a less active dog. The CaroCroc packaging shows what kind of dog the product is suitable for by means of the icons below.   


Physical Condition

Physical condition depends on several factors: diet, exercise and genetic predisposition. The physical condition of your dog affects its life expectancy, so avoid obesity in your dog and give it enough exercise. Adapt food serving size to physical condition.

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